Hope in Him


Don’t have wrong expectations
Then you won’t be disappointed

If only it was so simple

If only our hearts didn’t forget so easily
Or maybe it’s better that our hearts forget
And desire to trust again

Don’t forget, quit trying
Then you won’t be disappointed again and again

Yet this isn’t what You want
You don’t want us to protect ourselves
You want to protect us

Connection, wholeness
This is what we were made for
Family and friendship

But more importantly

With our eternal Father
Avinu Malcheinu
Our Father, Our King

Is our disappointment simply with broken people like ourselves?
No, our disappointment is with the One who made us,
The One who created us in our mother’s womb
Yet He knows us intimately
He knows what we need

Yet, we think we know better
Expecting things from Him that He never promised
Not because He’s selfish
or doesn’t desire to help
or bless
or bring wholeness to our lives

Rather, we desire something from Him
That He wants us to find in Him

We want something from His hand
When He has something stunning for us inside of His heart

We’re His children
He knows us better than we know ourselves
He loves us more than we can comprehend
He will take much better care of us
than we can care for ourselves

As a believer in G-d and a student of the Holocaust/Shoah

May the gap be bridged in relationship between G-d and His people.

Israel, Shoah, Holocaust, Auschwitz, Birkenau, Oświęcim, Brzezinka…what more can I say
Pain, agony, heartache, loss, suffering incomprehensible.

Israel, Jerusalem, His dwelling place forever, covenant, rebirth, fulfillment, restoration, a prophet’s prophecy, a dream coming forth, promises fulfilled, joy untold

May You have Your way,
May You have Your desire
May our hearts surrender to You in this process
May our desires be given to You
that we might find life
that Israel might find life
Let us find life in You
That which is deep inside Your burning heart
Let Israel find life in You

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  1. This truth that you shared is so powerful.

    “Yet this isn’t what You want
    You don’t want us to protect ourselves
    You want to protect us”

    I so often want to curl up in a ball when I have been hurt. I need to trust G-d for protection, and stop putting up walls to protect myself. I hope you have a blessed week!

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