Abba’s Crying Too

Abba and little girl walked and talked and He asked her questions that helped her to comprehend just how much he cared. He asked and was so attentive to little girl’s responses. He saw the delight when she remembered a happy moment and he felt the sadness as little girl reflected on times she wished she could forget. So many times little girl had been left alone. This was before she moved to Abba’s house. When little girl remembered those times, the poignancy of the sorrow she had felt overwhelmed her. When little girl felt this, the pain pierced Abba’s heart too. As one tear rolled down little girl’s face, Abba picked her up and held her close. Her head was on His shoulder so she couldn’t see Abba crying too.


  1. Sometimes I wish that my keyboard had emoji’s. Which is interesting because I’m not a big fan of lazy responses filled with them… BUT then something comes along, like this beautiful post… And I realize I don’t even know the words to convey the way my heart felt reading it… As a motherless child who is also an adoptive mother, it resonated…

    So consider that mess typed above as an infinity of purple heart emoji’s 🙂

    • shalomshannon

      I very much appreciate your words and sentiment about my post. I love to hear such great feedback. He’s such a good Father even when we have no example of that in our lives!

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